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T&I Fitout

This category recognises designers that have made a significant contribution to the advancement of their organisation or the industry as a whole beyond that which is normally expected from individuals of this age and experience. ‘Young' is defined as someone who, on 31st December 2019, is not more than 35 years old.

The designer can be nominated by themselves or anyone inside or outside their organisation, but please ensure you have their permission to do so

Please note: If you have played a key role in a project submitted into any of the Fit Out Project categories, you may enter this category by submitting information for the first two criteria points only (1 A4 page max.), and merging this with a copy of the relevant Project submission: only 1 merged PDF document can be accepted for judging.

If you do not intend to enter the Fit Out Project categories, please address each of the criteria listed below in your 5 A4 page submission in a clear written manner, backed up by photos (4 minimum), laying out any additional information - plans, section drawings, tables, graphics, videos etc. - so that it is easy and clear to understand.

Please Note: The cost of entry is €65.00 ex VAT for the first entry with each subsequent entry charged at €35.00 ex VAT. Payment will need to be made by Credit or Debit Card at the final stage of the submission process or your entry will not be accepted.


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